Innovative ideas, stylish designs.
Innovative ideas, stylish designs.


 We create each project that interpret the vision of our clients, it’s about creating unique places.



              The goal of a designer is to listen, observe, understand, sympathize, empathize, synthesize, and glean insights that enable him or her to ‘make the invisible visible.



Our concept creation effectively communicate with your market & public sparking the image your brand is portraying. together we create a timeless meaningful design.



Modern and confident , Clean, simple and stylish , Open and honest , Friendly yet professional ,Timeless

New, creative and unexpected for a financial institution ,  Vibrant and optimistic , Dynamic and full of energy , Fast, fun and colourful




The Abdoun bank features a cutting –edge contemporary space wrapped in subtly traditional accents. Located in Abdoun, the bank is housed in what was once a restaurant . the space was entirely transformed to reflect the up –to date, fresh & modern outlook of the bank.

ABC Bank is recognized for its used of glass, basalt stone and its signage in high quality black and silver materials. The design main features each express distinct qualities that perfectly match the identity of space. The glass facades and partitions reflect transparency and clarity while the basalt stone surfaces express solidity, strength & stability linked to the traditional values of the country, while allowing the exterior impression to blend with the surroundings.

A minimal landscape featuring clean-cut green lawns boasting rectangular stepping stones set the tone.

Frosted calligraphy printed across the front glass façade creates a link to traditional values in a modern and contemporary spirit. A consistency between the exterior of the bank and its interior elements can clearly be sensed using glass, steel accents and stone, dark wood accent are also employed to highlight the luxuries character of the space.

Despite the limited space, the sliding doors reveal a double volume that instantly enlarges the space. Clad walls with glaze and tinted materials in cool tones underline the modern quality of the space as the wooden accents reflect solidity and warmth . to emphasize semi private spaces, tinted partitions and clarity . white surfaces are  complimented by inlaid strips of blue light illuminating the space from above.

Together each element forms a unifying composition of modern simplicity and traditional value. The design of the bank clearly reflects its message as it aims to widen its scope of operations to reach all its exiting and potential customers.





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